felix schoeller
Felix Schoeller

Felix Schoeller® Digital Media adalah unit bisnis inovatif yang berkembang pesat di dalam group usaha Felix Schoeller Jerman. Felix Schoeller menyediakan berbagai media berkualitas tinggi untuk  cetak digital.

E-PHOTO® adalah salah satu merek milik Felix Schoeller Digital Media kategori kertas foto berkualitas tinggi untuk cetak di mesin HP Indigo.

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The E-PHOTO® papers offer excellent properties optimally tailored to your needs and the demands of high-quality printing.

  • Genuine photo papers
  • Guaranteed look and feel of a classic photo paper
  • Excellent runnability properties
  • Excellent toner adhesion
  • Water and dirt resistant
  • Very high whiteness
  • Outstanding folding and creasing properties
  • Specially designed for photo and portrait applications
  • Designed and certified for HP Indigo
  • High ageing resistance (longer than 200 years – tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research)
  • Unique surfaces: Matt, Lustre, Glossy, Pyramid, Metallic
  • Available in GLOSSY 260D, MATT 260D, LUSTRE 190D, LUSTRE 260D, METALLIC 210D
  • Size: 320 mm x 460 mm
  • Packing: PE laminated kraft paper containing 250 sheets per pack

E-FEEL® is textured fine paper. It. Is available in two unique topographies: PYRAMID and CANVAS. The extraordinary surface structure convinces by sensational look and feel.
E-FEEL® is specially developed for dry toner systems such as Fuji Xerox, Konica Minolta, Kodak, Canon and Ricoh.

E-FEEL® PYRAMID 260 D and E-FEEL® CANVAS 230 D are embossed and can be printed on both sides.
E-FEEL®is used for e.g. brochures, ,covers, greeting cards, business cards, portraits, etc.



The E-CANVAS has been co-developed with HP Indigo but Felix Schoeller owns the intellectual property. The aim was developing a new product to make the canvas production easy and quick. The new E-CANVAS can change the game by reducing production time and ink costs for wall decoration canvas and is the first of its kind to be printed on an HP Indigo Press.

The specially designed E-CANVAS Coating is not a simple primer coating and ensures high-quality prints with deep blacks, vivid colors and no white spots on HP Indigo Presses with one-shot technology.

At the moment, one E-CANVAS with a matt surface and 340 g/m² is available.